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Welcome to the West Virginia Robotic Technology Center

Welcome to the West Virginia Robotic Technology Center (WVRTC), located in Fairmont, West Virginia.  The West Virginia Robotic Technology Center (WVRTC) performs research and technology development for robotic space operations and system solutions. Focal research areas include autonomy, machine vision, sensor fusion, relative navigation, advanced sensor systems, and robot control architectures. The WVRTC facility servers as a simulation laboratory with multiple robotic platforms for full-scale testing and evaluation.

West Virginia University, College of Engineering and Mineral Resources and WVRTC are in partnership with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s, Satellite Projects Division (SSPD) located in Greenbelt, MD. SSPD and WVRTC jointly collaborate on mission objectives for in-space robotic satellite servicing and asteroid exploration.

Mollohan Building, located in Fairmont WV

Mollohan Research Center, Fairmont, WV


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Voice of America Covers WVRTC Space Robotics Research

The Voice of America was created in 1942 and is the largest U.S. international broadcaster.  VOA provides news and information to the world in more than 45 languages to an estimated weekly audience of 236 million people.  Content is developed in radio, television, and digital formats and is distributed via satellite, cable, FM, and MW. …

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WVRTC Talks Zero-G Testing with WVU Students

The West Virginia University Micro-Gravity Student Research Team visited the WV Robotic Technology Center for an interactive day to cover micro-gravity testing for advancing scientific and space exploration objectives.  The WVU team is planning to test an experimental procedure to evaluate the effects of low-gravity environments on soldering operations.  The flight is projected in the …

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WVRTC Developing Advanced Task Priority for Robotic Operations

The WVRTC is focusing on a key topic in robotics: full autonomy. The research task, led by lead research engineer, Dr. Giacomo Marani, focuses on taking human control progressively out of the robotic operations process. The goal is to increase the level of information exchanged. Rather than a human sitting there controlling the robot’s movement joint by …

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WVU Robotics Team Wins at the NASA Centennial Challenge

For the third straight year, WVU students have swept the competition at NASA’s Centennial Challenge. The robot, Cataglyphis, scored 11 points to win the Level 2 competition for the Sample Robot Return competition. WVU’s team is the only team to ever win a Level 2 competition, an accomplishment repeated consecutively for two years. The team …

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Upward Bound Visits WVRTC

WVRTC hosted the WVU branch of Upward Bound today as a part of the STEM Outreach Initiative. Upward Bound is a program that helps students to overcome cultural, academic, and social barriers. They provide weekly tutoring and monthly activities with the goal of helping these students to graduate high school and seek secondary education opportunities. …

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WVRTC Interns Successfully Complete Project Peer Reviews

The WVRTC Summer 2016 interns participated in a peer review by the WVRTC technical staff. The WVRTC summer 2016 interns are working on multiple projects that support the WVRTC team with robot control, 3D printing, and robot end-effector lighting systems.  Working alongside WVRTC engineers since mid-May, all interns are on schedule to complete their summer …

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