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Dr. Marani Presents at ICRA in Minneapolis

Dr. Giacomo Marani Presenting at ICRA

Members of the WVRTC research team; Dr. Thomas Evans and Dr. Giacomo Marani attended the International  Conference of Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in Minneapolis, MN on May 14, 2012.

Dr. Marani presented:  “Advances in Autonomous Underwater Intervention,

“This presentation will survey robotic systems developed for autonomous underwater intervention. Underwater systems for intervention have many similarities with space servicing concepts. The latest underwater mission of the ONR funded SAUVIM i-AUV is here presented as an example of underwater autonomous manipulation task.”

ICRA is considered the “…the robotics community’s premier annual academic conference” (icra2012.org), and “Robotics and automation are at the crossroads of new developments in algorithms, hardware, and software that pave new routes in technological innovation.” (icra2012.org)

For more information visit the workshop web page by clicking here

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