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ERC Student Robotic Workshop

Sand Fork Elementary School 6th grade Robotics lab students came to the ERC for the first student workshop of the year. Led by Amy Phillips, Graduate Assistant in charge of Student Programming, they
were introduced to robotics with activities in the main ERC lab and in the new Student Research Lab where they used the NXT robots with robotic arms attached to accomplish certain challenges.
NASA IV&V’s own Steve Driskell spoke to the students about projects he had worked on relating to NASA robotics. Students then travelled to the Research Center building, also in the I-79 Technology Park where
the IV&V ERC is located. There, Dr. Thomas Evans, Program Manager for the WVU-NASA Robotics Program presented an overview of the Center for the Robotic Servicing of Orbital Space Assets
which has been established by WVU as part of a cooperative partnership with NASA. The center has a variety of robotic arms and is working on grappling and docking with satellites in geosynchronous orbit of Earth. This would allow the satellites to be serviced when problems develop – something that at present is not possible because these satellites are much farther from Earth then the ISS or Hubble Telescope. solutions are now being investigated  here in WV that will allow this type of  satellite to be repaired.

Origional article found here: http://www.nasa.gov/centers/ivv/pdf/596729main_ERC%20Sept%202011%20Newsletter.pdf



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