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JHU Remote MLI Cutting Operation

WVRTC has extended a subcontract to Johns Hopkins University to leverage their expertise in teleoperations for medical surgery.  One may question how this relates to the research objectives of NASA and WVRTC towards robotic research for satellite servicing technology.  Certain satellite servicing tasks will involve teleoperated procedures for satellite repair and refueling.  The operator controlling these operations from the ground is faced with a considerable time delay as the signal passes from the ground to the orbit where the satellite is located and then back to the ground controller. To test this application for a particular task, remote operations are being performed between the WVRTC and Johns Hopkins University.  The particular task assigned to JHU is to cut the multi-layer insulation (MLI) covering the satellite exterior surface. To demonstrate the process of the remote operation, a modified da Vinci medical console was used on site at Johns Hopkins’ Homewood campus in Baltimore to control an industrial robot located in the Simulation Bay of the WVRTC, approximately 230 miles away.
















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