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WVRTC Interns Successfully Complete Project Peer Reviews

WVRTC 2016 Summer Internship Peer ReviewThe WVRTC Summer 2016 interns participated in a peer review by the WVRTC technical staff. The WVRTC summer 2016 interns are working on multiple projects that support the WVRTC team with robot control, 3D printing, and robot end-effector lighting systems.  Working alongside WVRTC engineers since mid-May, all interns are on schedule to complete their summer projects before the start of the fall academic semester.

Domenick Poster is a West Virginia University student from the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Mr. Poster is working on creating a web interface for a robot end-effector lighting simulation. The illumination system will be used by WVRTC engineers during robotic tests that require the simulated lighting intensity to be controlled to match on-orbit settings.

The remaining intern projects aim to refine prototype tactile sensor systems developed by the WVRTC team.  Josh Samples has spent his time working on electronic circuit development for the tactile schemes that will enable a sense of touch or haptic feedback in  robot control scheme.

Each of the four interns completed a 45 minute formal presentation and the question and answer session that followed.  Action items for each intern were assigned to maintain progress and schedule for successful completion of each project.




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