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WVRTC & NASA SSCO Program Kickoff

November 2010


WVU-NASA Robotics Center Research Grant:  Overview

As part of a cooperative partnership with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), West Virginia University (WVU) has established a National Center for the Robotic Servicing of Orbital Space Assets d.b.a. WV Robotic Technology Center.  The center provides the academic leadership for the collaborative scientific and engineering research associated with evaluating sensors and algorithms for autonomous rendezvous, docking, and small scale contact dynamics for space robotic platforms supporting future Goddard-related space exploration missions.  The University views this initiative as vital to the future of space missions in the post shuttle era to end in 2010; the center will stimulate the development of robotic solutions that would be needed for future servicing, refueling and repair of orbiting space assets.

In December 2009, WVU was generously awarded a multi-million dollar grant to begin working on the aforementined research objectives.  The center is housed at Technology Research Park located in Fairmont, WV at the Research Facility supported by the West Virginia High Tech Consortium (WVHTC).  The Center is operated by West Virginia University Research Corporation (WVURC) on behalf of the University.  The Center has multiple full-time staff members working under the direction of Dr. Thomas H. Evans, WVRTC Research Program Manager, and fellow colleagues:  Dr. Giacomo Marani, Research Engineer, Patrick Lewis, Systems Engineer, and Lindsay Cather, Accounting Associate, as well as WVU faculty researchers:  Dr. Marcello Napolitano, Dr. Natalia Schmid, Dr. Edward Sabolsky, Dr. Powsiri Klinkhachorn, Dr. Dimitris Korakakis, Dr. John Christian, Dr. Brijes Mishra and Dr. David Graham.



Research Team

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