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Giacomo Marani, Ph.D. – Research Engineer

Giacomo Marani received the Laurea degree in Electronic Engineering and the Doctorate degree in Robotics and Automation from the University of Pisa in Italy.

He is the lead researcher at the West Virginia Robotic Technology Center, serving the NASA Space Servicing Capability Office, with focus on the application of autonomous manipulation concepts to space systems, finalized to on-orbit satellite servicing. His research interests include advanced robotic kinematics and dynamic control of autonomous robotic systems, simulation, sensor fusion and pose estimation with computer vision.

Previously he served at the University of Hawaii at Manoa as acting principal investigator on the SAUVIM project (Development of a Semi-Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Intervention Missions) and as lecturer for Advanced Robotics.

Since 2009 he is chair of the IEEE Marine Robotics Technical Committee.

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